Boating Safety Courses

in Winnipeg, Rural Manitoba & NW Ontario

for your Pleasure Craft Operators Card

Recreational Boaters:

Don’t get caught without it! Get your “Card” The correct term is “Pleasure Craft Operators Card” or PCOC. Many people call it different things – Boater’s Card or Boater’s license.

Transport Canada & the Canadian Coast Guard brought in mandatory boating safety certification for boaters. The regulations have been phased in since 1999 with the final phase on September 15, 2009 where all boaters require a “Pleasure Craft Operators Card” or face fines and invalid liability insurance. For more information see Regulations.

You can get your Pleasure Craft Operators Card by taking a Boating Safety Course or writing a Challenge Exam. Nuttall Boating Safety Courses provides the most training and courses in our area.

Check out Course Schedule to find a course date and location near you in Manitoba and NW Ontario. Or contact us for an appointment to write the Challenge Exam in Winnipeg.

Our Course Provider:

We use the course that was developed by the Sail Canada (previously Canadian Yachting Association) and has been accredited by the Canadian Coast Guard. In 2011, Sail Canada (Canadian Yachting Association) partnered with CPS (Canadian Sail and Power Squadron) to use their new and updated manual. (Many changes were introduced in 2011.)

Commercial Boaters:

Anyone who works on a boat requires certification right now. Some smaller commercial boats may use the Pleasure Craft Operators Card training in lieu of other Commercial training. Call Transport Canada for clarification on what you require. Transport Canada recommends all commercial operators take a comprehensive course (our 6 hour basic is a recommended option for those requiring PCOC).